Our Residency Program is designed to give young men and women experience in vocational ministry as they assess their calling and deepen their understanding of God's design for the local church. The ultimate goal of the residency program is to equip residents to fulfill their ultimate call as a son/daughter of the King and learn what Kingdom living and leadership looks like as a Kingdom Laborer.

Current Residents

Elyse Leonard
Year 1 Kids Resident
Abby Ekhardt
Year 1 Worship Resident
Brooke Anderson
Year 1 Youth Resident
Hannah West
Year 1 Guest Services & Adults Resident
Megan Zsoka
Year 1 Kids Resident
Dawson Petzke
Year 1 Kids Resident
April Woodford
Year 1 Kids Resident
Adam Gove
Year 1 Youth Resident
Catherine Swanson
Year 2 Youth Resident
Jake Manfredi
Year 3 Youth & Worship Resident
Hunter Ona
Year 3 Youth Resident