Drew Sodestrom
Lead Pastor
Jen Sodestrom
Pastor of Ministry & Mission
Michael Dacy
Pastor of Teaching and Students
David Krall
Pastor of Adults
Will Watson
Associate Pastor of Adults and Church Plant Resident
Kyle Lundquist
Associate Pastor of Adults


Jen Wingfield
Guest Services Coordinator
Katie Watson
Office assistant and ministry coordinator
Heather Hodson
Executive Project Manager
Zack Serface
Worship/Tech Director
Katie Camarillo
Placerville Kids Director
Alison Rosen
Kids Director
Carmen Magda
Kids Coordinator
Nolan Murphy
Campus Custodian
Sue Ogrey
Operations Manager
Erin Friedline
Ministry Coordinator
Judy McClurg
Prayer Coordinator
Andy Sodestrom
Outreach Coordinator
Barbara Brand
Next Steps Coordinator
Jake Manfredi
Young Adults Director
Hunter Ona
Youth Director
Brooke Anderson
Youth Director


Catherine Swanson
Year 3 Youth Resident
Megan Zsoka
Year 2 Kids and Guest Services Resident
Abby Ekhardt
Year 1 Worship Resident
Kyle Enriques
Year 1 Kids Resident
Elyse Leonard
Year 2 Kids Resident