Sundays during 2nd service

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A four week experience designed for connection with others and identifying your next steps with Jesus

Week One


Connect is all about connecting. To us, to you, to God. So we’re going to hear from Drew and Jen about how and why Vintage Grace came to be. As you learn about us, we’ll also give you an opportunity to learn about each other.
Week Two


Community is all about the power of Community. We believe God uses people to sharpen our walk with Jesus. This week is a preview of what Community looks like around here and is designed to give you an opportunity to experience what groups are all about.
Week Three


Discipleship is about the importance of Biblical Discipleship: we look at scripture and take a deep dive into ‘WHAT is a disciple?’ and ‘HOW to be a disciple that makes disciples. This is the Great Commission for you and me.
Week Four

Team Vintage

Team Vintage is a session without a session. You’ll sign up during week 3, then show up to shadow a serve team, and meet other Vintage contributors. This is a simple way to tryout a ministry. If you don’t like it, we will help you get involved somewhere else.