High School meets Wednesday Nights 7:00pm-9:00pm

Middle School meets Thursday Nights 7:00pm-8:30pm

We are a joy-filled community of students, parents, and leaders, leading students to live the full Gospel in their relationship with Jesus, with other followers of Jesus, and those who haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus.  

Our goal is to encourage students to own their faith by relating the biblical text to their head, hearts, and hands.

The natural overflow of owning our faith leads us to be the living proof of our loving God in all the different spaces we go each day so that others would find joy in Jesus.

Let’s Hang

We are all about building relationships. Because of that, a good portion of the time on Wednesday nights we spend hanging out, playing games, and getting to check in on student’s lives.

& Have Fun

Having fun is a huge value we have at Vintage Youth. We know that by playing games and doing challenges together, youth feel more comfortable with their peers and small group leaders, which is the first step in building those life-changing relationships.

& Worship

Part of being in community is getting to gather together and worship God for who He is and what He is doing in our lives. Did you know that our worship team is student led?

Short Talk

Every week, we teach engaging and dynamic topics that help both middle schoolers and high schoolers identify how they can live the full Gospel in their lives.

Small Groups

We meet in small groups after the talk and spend time going deep. Small groups are a safe place where students can be real, ask hard questions, and find support no matter where they are at in life. Each small group is organized by grade and gender and is led by two or more small group leaders.
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