Missional Grants

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You’re ready for action! We’re here to help!

God is growing an idea in your heart and mind to bring his goodness and grace to our neighborhoods, workplaces and cities. You’re ready to use your unique gifts and calling to bring the presence of God to people he loves but you know you need support to bring the vision into reality.

Missional Grants are designed to support, encourage, and equip you to clarify your vision, make a plan and step into action.

Wondering how to use a Missional Grant? Here are some examples:

  • Host an event or party and invite your neighbors to attend!

  • Use the grant for educational purposes. Whether it’s creating awareness about a cause, equipping people, or teaching a practical skill, invite those in your workplace, school, or neighborhood to come learn alongside you.

  • Meet a specific need in your community with a service project.

  • Grab your coworker(s), take them out to eat and have a conversation over a meal.

Use the application below to get started today. We believe in you!

Questions? Email info@vintagegrace.org