We invite children to join in the adventure of discovering God.

Everything we do is not only fun and engaging, but executed with a child’s specific stage of development in mind.  We want to provide an environment where children feel safe to ask questions, rather than answering questions they are not ready to ask.  We do this within a learning environment that teaches through different formats—lessons and activities that use various methods to help kids learn and experience in their own unique way.

We partner with parents to equip them to make disciples.

Scripture is clear that God intends for parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their kids. This is a tremendous joy and responsibility, but it can also feel overwhelming. So we want to support, inspire and equip our parents at Vintage Grace to feel capable to do this well. We provide resources, events, and direction so parents can be intentional creating sacred space and time at home with your kids. Two opportunities for this that we recommend are through regular Family Worship Nights and using our Gospel Guidance resource.

For tips on how to have a meaningful Family Worship Night, click here - Vintage Kids Family Worship Guide.

To see how to use our weekly Gospel Guidance resource, click here - Parents Gospel Guidance Guide.

(We pass out the Gospel Guidance every Sunday when you pick up your child from service, and we also link them on our website/emails.)

Little Vintage (5 weeks -5yrs)

We strive to create the first building blocks of a strong, gospel-centered foundation. The Nursery at VINTAGE GRACE is an environmentally safe and clean place to establish an atmosphere of love and laughter. Our babies are prayed for and cuddled by trustworthy caregivers and volunteers.  

Our Preschool and Pre-K learn in an age appropriate way that: God loves me, God made me, and Jesus wants to be my forever Friend.  The curriculum we use is designed to meet them where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. We Sing, dance, create and play every Sunday.

- Tami, Little Vintage Coordinator

Vintage Kids (K-5th grade)

In VINTAGE KIDS we help build a solid foundation for the gospel. We teach your kids about the character of God as well as His desire for their lives. Because parents are the primary influence in a child’s life, we want help you leverage your influence in your child’s life to help them treasure Jesus. During our weekend service we teach kids to worship through songs, silly dancing and prayer. We learn stories of God’s wisdom, strength, and love and discuss in both large and small groups the different dynamics of His character.

- Carissa, Elementary Coordinator

We have four unique classrooms for your kids to thrive in:

  • Nursery 6 weeks – 24 months (Room 102)
  • Toddlers 2-3 years old (Room 104)
  • Pre-K 3.5-5 years old (Room 103)
  • Elementary K-5th (Room 101)

Kid's check-in starts 20 minutes prior to service.